Sunday, November 4, 2007

Module 5

1. How did actively participating in online research and journalism through blogging affect you?
It actually really changed my idea and perspective on blogging. I’ve never blogged before, don’t usually read them, and am not familiar with them at all. This experience has sort of opened my eyes to what goes on and all of the advantages as well as disadvantages of another method of publishing.

2. Do you feel this project was worthwhile as learning tool in this class? Why or why not?
For me I felt like it was because as I said, I was not familiar with the blog world. I didn’t realize how popular it was. Due to all of the research as well as creating my own, I feel much more acquainted with it and have learned a lot.

3. Looking back on your ratings and your research, what is your final thesis statement? Did it change from your initial statement?
My thesis did not change.
I am for the following statement: Blogging has significantly impacted the print journalism industry.
This society is so consumed with whatever is more time efficient. For me personally, blogging, or the Internet as a whole meets that need much better than print journalism. On top of that, blogging can also keep better updates as to news and current events.

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allthewrongmoves said...

Ya, that pretty much sums up my feelings towad blogging as well. Since the project started i have certainly been paying more attention to them.